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Thursday, February 17th, 2022: 3D Community News 

J Hill - Rendering hyper-realistic 3D character in Maya with Arnold

J Hill, a professional character artist, shared this valuable tutorial on how he created the shaders and rendered one of his latest 3D characters called “Demo Girl”.

It is a series of tutorials he decided to make, presenting the whole workflow of creating hyper-realistic 3D characters.

In this part, he covers some basic topics such as:

  • Setting up the scene and lighting with different scenarios.
  • Skin shader material and assigning textures.
  • The use of displacement and coat layer.
  • Painting custom masks and exporting textures from the painter.
  • Layered and makeup materials setup.
  • Finishing up and the final render.

If you are interested in creating hyper-realistic 3d characters, this is a must tutorial to watch!


Check also this Character Art tutorial, if you want to learn many techniques from scratch.

J Hill is a professional 3D character artist working in the games industry. He has the passion to help other artists, who are interested in digital art, by sharing tips, tricks, techniques, and in-depth tutorials using ZBrush for sculpting and modeling.