5. How to use the ControlCenter?

In the ControlCenter you can manage your account, all your jobs in the render cloud and your payments. There are several ways to open the ControlCenter: via the Rebus Setup, directly via the website or through the RebusDrop application.

In the little orange box with the shopping cart icon, you see your current RenderPoint balance.

Render Farm ControlCenter - display of current RenderPoints

Click on the job name to display the preview area and more setting options.

On the right side of the panel, you find all the general information about the job.

Render Farm ControlCenter - render job details

You can change the priority in the queue as long as the rendering process has not started in the render cloud (this will not affect the render speed).

Render Farm ControlCenter - job priority

To pause a job use the pause button. If the job already started to render online, only the pending tasks will be stopped, the ones that are currently rendering will continue to render as the process cannot be interrupted.

Render Farm ControlCenter - render job pause button

The cancel option will completely stop the whole rendering process of the job in the render cloud and cannot be undone. Also, the already used RenderPoints will not be reimbursed. If you notice a problem, please contact the RebusFarm support before canceling your job.

Render Farm ControlCenter - render job cancel button

With the resubmit option, you can start to render a copy of the job with different settings like camera, resolution, name, and frame range, without having to upload the job to the render cloud again.

Render Farm ControlCenter - render job resubmit button

With the show job files option, you can check all the uploaded files/assets of the job.

Render Farm ControlCenter - render job files option button

Use the support option if you have any issues regarding your render job, your account or if you have any questions about the service. You can send a support ticket, open a live chat session or request a call-back and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Render Farm ControlCenter - contact support button

In the download settings, you can change the download destination, open the download folder or restart the download process.

Render Farm ControlCenter - download button

Use the option 'Delete job' to delete your old jobs from the render cloud. Please make sure that you downloaded all your results first, as this cannot be undone.

Render Farm ControlCenter - delete render job button